Why Join UMAPP?

It is because of our members that UMAPP is one of the most successful and active regional promotional professionals associations in the country.   As a 501(C)(6) trade association, our members are companies in the promotional products industry who have pre-qualified for membership by meeting certain criteria (existence of a current ASI, PPAI, or SAGE number, or the ability to produce 5 purchase orders or invoices from different ASI, PPAI, or SAGE member companies). 

What does each company membership in UMAPP bring to you?  It's hard to believe, but EACH company membership covers ALL staff.  This means that every one of the individuals working for a UMAPP member company can reap the benefits of having a professional membership with UMAPP.  

Membership in UMAPP is easy. Each company qualifies for membership by having an ASI, PPAI or SAGE number, or the ability to provide 5 different distributor purchase orders (suppliers) or 5 different supplier invoices (distributors).

CLICK HERE for the online membership application.


My Apologies To The Lady In The Second Seat In The Second Row - a different answer to the question . . . "What can a regional association do for me?"