Why Join UMAPP?

It is because of our members that UMAPP is one of the most successful and active regional promotional professionals associations in the country.   As a 501(C)(6) trade association, our members are companies in the promotional products industry who have pre-qualified for membership by meeting certain criteria (existence of a current ASI, PPAI, or SAGE number, or the ability to produce 5 purchase orders or invoices from different ASI, PPAI, or SAGE member companies). 

What does each company membership in UMAPP bring to you?  It's hard to believe, but EACH company membership covers ALL staff.  This means that every one of the individuals working for a UMAPP member company can reap the benefits of having a professional membership with UMAPP.  

Education | Networking | Legislation

We provide EDUCATION to increase your knowledge, sales, bottom line, and business expertise. NETWORKING is abundant in increments that suit you and your business, whether it is at a trade show, or one of the professional development events.  LEGISLATION - we've got you covered at the national and local level to ensure businesses in this industry are protected from adverse legislation.  UMAPP is an advocate for its members.  

UMAPP can provide every company member with many of the educational and contact needs in this industry. From trade shows and education to learning from one another ... UMAPP is here for you!

Membership in UMAPP is easy. Each company qualifies for membership by having an ASI, PPAI or SAGE number, or the ability to provide 5 different distributor purchase orders (suppliers) or 5 different supplier invoices (distributors).


My Apologies To The Lady In The Second Seat In The Second Row - a different answer to the question . . . "What can a regional association do for me?"




Online membership application



Printable applicationThe same membership requirements above apply. 

* Dues are automatically pro-rated if joining after January (using the online application).   If using the printable application, use this formula:  Full cost of dues / 12 x # of months left in the year.   

Categories of Membership:

Distributor:    A company whose primary business includes developing ideas for the use of promotional products, buying such products from suppliers (manufacturers) and reselling them to end-buyers.

1-3 employees | $125 per year 
4-10 employees | $150 per year 
11+ employees | $175 per year 

Supplier:  A company that manufactures, converts, warehouses, or decorates promotional products for sale to promotional products distributors or to a firm maintaining a division or affiliate devoted to reselling promotional products.

$125 per year 

Business Services Member:   A company that sells services, information or products (other than promotional products) that support the normal conduct of business. Must not sell or lease machinery or equipment used in the manufacturing or decoration of promotional products in order to exhibit at our shows. Membership requirements: (1) Must be engaged in the promotional products industry for at least one year; (2) provide written references from 10 different PPAI or ASI members who verify that applying company provides products or services related to promotional products or submit a purchase order from each of the 10 references for products or services.

$125 per year 

Multi-Line Rep:   An independent company, contracted by one or more suppliers to market their products and services to distributors.  Membership is not required to exhibit at shows, but is required to participate in scholarship awards or serve on a committee or the board of directors.  

$55 per year 

Super Senior: ($0 - Honorary Membership).  A sole-proprietorship where the owner is 70 years or older. The distributorship must not have any other full-time sales person. This does not include peripheral office help (i.e. administrative assistant, bookkeeper, graphic design, etc.). Membership in this category is by pre-approval.