Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers say that giving back to the Association via volunteering is one of the best rewards they receive.   There are lots of other reasons, too, such as:


  • Meet new people.   Even your competitors can become great friends and offer tips, tools, and an ear about the challenges faced in the industry.
  • Get new business.    Amazing how networking with others in your industry can create new ideas, new contacts, and ultimately, new business.  
  • Education.   Knowledge is power; learn from those around you,
  • Shape the future of the Association.    Run for a board of directors spot.  A distributor and supplier position is open every year.  Elections are held in the fall.
  • Become visible to the membership.  A great way to let others know you are willing to give your time and expertise to the local association.
  • Share your experience.   The association, and the members, can benefit from your experience, expertise, knowledge, and wisdom.  Share it!
  • Resume building.   Let's face it, although padding your resume shouldn't be your number one reason for volunteering, it is an added benefit in the long run. 


And did you know you can receive CEU credit for serving on the UMAPP Board of Directors or actively serving on a UMAPP committee?  CEUs are awarded by PPAI once your service is completted.    Click here for more information!


There are small, bite-sized opportunities to volunteer as well, such as a one-hour slot at the booth show to help at the registration counter, name badge security, or giving exhibitors 5-minute breaks.  Plus, occasionally, we have a calling campaign to members where we need volunteers to make those important personal reminder calls about an upcoming event.  Click HERE for the volunteer form.