Past Presidents 

Paula Coomer
Rena Ashfeld
Todd Pottebaum
Scott Hareid
Melinda Marr
Sue Kennedy
Joe Scott
Steve Meyer
Cindy Jorgenson
Dan Ball
Dawn Lucchesi
Tom Donlin
Kerri Harkness
Paul Miller
Eric Johnson
Mike Fey
Joe Durand
Paul Hohenwald
Joe Bunsness
Lee Marvin
Kippie Helzel
Lynda Fjersted
Barbara Gerlach
Kathy Makarenko
Jim Christopherson
Steve Styba
Eileen Reasland
Brian Trowbridge
Mike Hohenwald
Sue Tobias
Jim Downs
Al Helsen
Bill Hurley
Walter O'Niell
Kent Bolsta
Norm Fey
Al Hohenwald
Don Nyguard
Jim Moore
Gretchen Dion
Cliff Thon

Who We Are


Vision Statement

The Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Professionals (UMAPP) continually works to achieve the highest standards of professionalism and foster opportunity for growth in the promotional products industry. It offers a growing range of educational and business resources to help members prosper and establish leadership positions in today's competitive business environment.

UMAPP is a non-profit trade association whose members are companies in the promotional products industry. Staff of member companies are entitled to all of the benefits of membership.

UMAPP is a regional trade association representing approximately 600 firms engaged in the promotional products industry in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Western Wisconsin

Within our membership are companies categorized as Distributors, Suppliers, Multi-Line Representatives and Business Services. These companies, and their staff, are considered members of UMAPP. They all strive to achieve the highest standards of professionalism while fostering opportunities for growth, education and networking in today's competitive business environment.

Join UMAPP and take advantage of exclusive trade shows, professional development, networking, industry connections, plus always new ideas, new contacts, and new business.

The Start 

The history of UMAPP and, consequently, promotional products dates back many, many years. UMAPP itself has existed for over 30 years in the Minnesota and surrounding states. Our volunteers have dedicated themselves to advancing the effectiveness of promotional products in the marketing and advertising industry.    

Past Presidents

UMAPP has a strong legacy of past presidents for the Association.  Click Here for a short biography and questions answered from many of our past presidents about their term on the Board and their experience with the Association.  


Started in the late 1970's by several individuals, UMAPP was originally named SAAUM (Specialty Advertising Association of the Upper Midwest). The Association was incorporated in December 1980 and recently celebrated its official 30 years in the industry. Over the years, while the goal has remained the same, the name has changed to reflecting an evolving industry. In the mid 2000's, the Association adopted its current name: The Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Products Professionals ("UMAPP").      


UMAPP prides itself on the abundance of volunteers that are attracted to shaping the Association's future. The UMAPP Board of Directors consists of nine individuals who are elected by the general membership. The exception is the Secretary's position, which is filled by a recommendation from the Executive Board (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary). Every year, there are two voting positions open.  One is a Distributor Director Position, and the other is a Supplier Director Position.