Membership Categories

Each company applying for UMAPP membership must have a current ASI, PPAI, or SAGE number to be approved.     

  • In the alternative, if an active ASI, PPAI, or SAGE number is not available, the company must submit 5 purchase orders (distributors) or invoices (suppliers) from 5 different companies in the industry who do have a valid ASI, PPAI or SAGE number.  Please complete the online application and then contact UMAPP to submit the required information via email.  

Suppliers - $125

A company that manufactures, converts, warehouses or decorates promotional products for sale to promotional products distributors. 

Business Services - $125

A company that sells services, information or products to both distributors and suppliers that support the normal conduct of business.  This company cannot sell promotional products, only services (example:  fulfillment services).  This category is allowed to exhibit as a supplier at our shows.  

Multi Line Representative - $55

An independent company, contracted by one or more suppliers to market their products and services to distributors. 

Distributors - Tier Structure (see below)

A company whose primary business includes developing ideas for the use of promotional products, buying such products from suppliers and reselling them to end buyers. 

1-3 employees/staff:  $125 

4-10 employees/staff:  $150 

11+ employees/staff:  $175 

Super Senior - $0 

Honorary Membership.   A sole‐proprietorship where the owner is 70 years or
older. The distributorship must not have any other full‐time sales person. This does not include
peripheral office help (i.e. administrative assistant, bookkeeper, graphic design, etc.). Membership in
this category is by pre‐approval.