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Promotional Products Work! 

Promotional products is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes wearables, writing instruments, calendars, drinkware and many other items, usually imprinted with a company's name, logo or message. Members of the media are invited to review the latest news, research summaries and case studies regarding the promotional products industry.

The Promotional Products Association International has conducted a great deal of research regarding the effectiveness of promotional products as an advertsing medium. 

Brand Image!

Promotional Products can and will enhance any brand and have a positive impact on brand image. Specifically, when comparing people who receive a promotional product from a company with others who do not, this research shows that people who receive a promotional product have a signi?cantly more positive opinion about a business through:

  • More positive overall image
  • More positive perception of the business
  • Higher likelihood of recommending the business
  • Higher likelihood of patronization