Industry Links

The promotional products industry is very expansive and there are many resources available to industry practicioners. Below are some links to industry companies that are important to our members. UMAPP may or may not endorse these companies and an individual should consult the appropriate companies to determine how they can help in your particular situation.


PPAI - Promotional Products Association International.  In 1904, representatives of 12 promotional products manufacturers (manufacturers of advertising goods) agreed to form an industry trade association. The charter members addressed issues such as pricing, new ideas, business losses and managing salesmen, and adopted bylaws and operating procedures for the trade association. Benjamin S. Whitehead, owner of a promotional products manufacturing company in Newark, N.J., became the first president. The organization's first name was the Advertising Manufacturers Association.  Today, PPAI boasts close to 10,000 members.    UMAPP is a regional affiliate of PPAI, which means that the Association has adopted similar goals and industry ethics as PPAI.  In addition, PPAI provides tools to the regional affiliate associations to assist their members in their businesses.  

Sage - Founded in 1992 to provide state-of-the-art information services to the promotional products industry.

Advertising Specialty Institute  - ASI's mission is to bring together promotional products professionals by providing catalogs, information directories, newsletters, magazines, web sites and databases, and offering interactive e-commerce, marketing and selling tools.

Promo Marketing - Promo Marketing is the leading source of product and marketing information for distributor sales professionals.

Promogigs - This blog is to help those searching for a new gig in the promotional products,incentive and premium industries.

Regional Association Council - RAC- The Regional Association Council (RAC) exists to foster cooperation and positive relationships among the regional and national not-for-profit trade associations engaged in the promotional products industry; provide a governance and administrative structure for the participating regional associations; coordinate planning and support for meetings, cooperative projects and services; and to develop and implement strategic programs and services that meet the common interests and needs of the industry.  UMAPP is a member of RAC.