Awards and Recognition

Every year, the luncheon held in conjunction with the Room Show also serves as UMAPP's annual meeting of members.  This is because we have the most members in one place, sitting down, at one time.   During this meal, UMAPP's president gives a State of the Association address, important updates or announcements, and also presents deserving individuals with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, and the Hall of Fame Award.  Of course, the membership must do their part as well by nominating individuals for these awards.  

Congratulations to the 2020 award winners:  

Lifetime Achievement

To give recognition to outstanding promotional product individuals who have demonstrated long‐time and successful commitment to their careers and communities. These individuals have made a strong impact through enthusiastic  dedication in the promotional products industry over their lifetime.

Scott Hareid,  Hareid Marketing (2020

Previous Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award:
Virginia Lemmer - 2019
Sue Tobias  |   2017
Melinda Marr  |  2016
Gary Haley   |  2015
Al and Phyllis Hohenwald    | 2013
Dick Donlin and Al Badiner  |  2012
Eric Johnson and Eileen Reasland -1st year   | 2011

Hall of Fame

UMAPP Hall of Fame Award is given to a person that has achieved outstanding honors within UMAPP Regional Association for their contributions.


Steve Meyer, RiteLine (2020)

Previous Winners: 
Melinda Marr  | 2019
Tom Donlin  | 2018 
Sue Kennedy, MAS | 2017 
Joe Durand, MAS  | 2015
Phil Sibinski  | 2008
Mike Fey, MAS | 2006
Barb Gerlach, CAS | 2005
Sue Tobias, MAS | 2003
Jim Moore, MAS | 2001
Brian Trowbridge, CAS | 2000
Art Hopp
Al Hohenwald
Marshall Sipkins

Super Star AWard

To recognize a person within their company who has proven to be invaluable and consistently goes above and beyond what is expected.  These people are often invisible to the industry outside of the company and UMAPP would like to give member companies an opportunity to show support for these heros.  Examples could include someone in the support staff area, customer service, accounting, factory, etc. 


Rick Poferl, Storm Creek  Ben Mosey, Fields Manufacturing  Nikki Rothstein, Dubow Textile 


Previous Winners:
Michelle Gunderson, Fields Manufacturing | 2019
Devin Martin, Advance Corporation | 2018

Volunteer of the Year Award

A UMAPP volunteer who has shown exceptional dedication.

Sabrina Franz      2019 
Melinda Marr       2007
Jamie Kuklok       2008
Scott Hareid        2009
David Hawes       2010
Rena Ashfeld       2011
Bill Benolken       2012
Dawn Lucchesi   2013
Scott Mueller       2014
Todd Pottebaum 2015
Tom Donlin          2016
Gary Haley          2017
Kim Hamlin         2018