Advertising Opportunities

Navigator Newsletter

One of the member benefits that our members say they value is the Navigator Newsletter.    Full of industry information, UMAPP's President's Column, pictures of past UMAPP events, articles, upcoming events and reminders, and more.   The Navigator is digital, so it's easier to scroll through online.  It will be available exclusively through UMAPP's website and e-blasted out to over 1,700 email addresses.     Ads can be color or black and white.  Discounts for 3 or more ads!   Note:  advertisements for job openings are not accepted.    

  • Color or black and white

  • 210 wide x 294 long (max)

  • JPEG format

  • URL to link traffic back to the company's website

  • $75 per issue - an invoice will be sent via email

  • The newsletter is published every other month (6 times per year).  Choose your issue(s). 

  • For a sample of the format, click "Newsletter" under "Publications."   

  • Available issues:  January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December.   Ads are due by the first of the month for each issue.  




E-News Sponsorships

Once a month, UMAPP sends out an "E News" message to members and nonmembers alike -- over 1,700 email addresses!  

  • The E-News is sent out around the 15th of each month.  

  • Only $25 per issue.   An invoice will be sent via email.   

  • 230 x 125 pixels - JPEG format

  • Provide a URL to link back to your company's homepage.Sponsor an E-News for only $25.00. 

  • Register now, an invoice will follow via email. 

  • E-News Sponsorships are exclusive to one ad per month; ad is placed middle way down the e-blast page.   




Website Advertising

Reach hundreds of visitors that come to our website every month by having a website ad on the home page.   The ad can link directly back to your website.

  • 230 x 125 pixels

  • Color or black and white

  • JPEG format

  • Ads are sold in 1-month increments.  Each ad will click to a URL link back to your company's website.

  • Ad is placed on the left side of the home page in a rotating fashion.  Max of 3 ads from different members per month.

  • $25 per month.   An invoice will be emailed. 

  • Current website statistics show that over 1,000 visits to UMAPP's home page occur on average each month.